A gust of wind in opulent hedgerow of pine..
As nostalgic petrichor rushes through the mind..
The steps you take become small and smaller..
And you wish the road was more Labyrinthine..

The broken promises made to mom..
“Before the dusk will return to home..”
Dancing in rain and wrestling in mud..
Cheering for victory like Caesar of Rome..

Smiled as you crossed that pond beside the shrine..
And you wish the road was more Labyrinthine.

That ineffable beauty who ripped your senses apart..
Her looks were droplets making ripples in your heart..
Not a word did you utter.. stood still, legs aquiver..
Hung in Oblivion you just watched her depart..

Goes the school’s corridor, where you said “she’s mine”..
And you wish the road was more Labyrinthine.

These lanes these plains, you left all of a sudden..
Life is not always childhood.. most times its burden..
But those moments that you cherish now and then again..
Are writings on the wall.. that cannot be undone..

As you reach the abode, after a journey so divine..
But still you wish if the road was more Labyrinthine.