I think it was in my dreams..
When I heard a buzz so mellifluous..
I could not resist but rush..
In that Oblivion so ambiguous.

Will there be a monster ahead..
Or it would be a fairy tale..
They say that devil sings to lure..
Wearing cloak of dragon scale.

To chase that sound so ineffable..
You should hide from all those glances..
The shadows that travel by your side..
In the land where death dances.

But blindfolded by that melody..
Oh God! Where my foot did land..
Like demons pulling me down in hell..
Or am I swimming in quicksand?

As the grave swallowed me till my neck
A Vulture caught me in its claws..
And flew high in the crimson sky..
To Drop me in to hungry Lion’s Jaws..

My hands were struggling hard to fly..
Heart drowned in feeling so uncanny..
Sound did stop, as I landed on my clock..
And To my shock.. Surreal was the epiphany.