My love is not so juvenile..
That rises with rising moon at night..
And settles down at cool calm Aurora.
It’s not a lightning shrill..
But a sonorous sublime drizzle..
Seducing you to open the box of Pandora.

And then you will be locked..
In a mystery land outside the box..
Where all the emotions are effervescent.
You can see them flow..
Hold them, make them go slow..
Watch them fly over the moon so crescent.

In your depth when I am drown..
And you are not afraid to moan..
Gone will be your fear, your phobia.
You may think it’s a dream..
But surely won’t scream..
Better than reality is this Kalopsia.

Where pain will be at ease..
And no one else to please..
Disenthrallment of long deep hidden desire.
Wrapped as one in the woods..
Our breath will catch fire as it should..
Brighter than the sun will be the flames of pyre.