They kicked him in the face..
But they all knew he deserved it..
All those ills they wished upon him..
Oh! Wish he would have served it.

Didn’t want him to walk free this time..
So they knit their own web of lies..
They all believed in love and peace..
But also in an eye for an eye.

They all were happy and making merry..
And he lied there as cold as a corpse..
To make memorable his walk to guillotine..
They tied his legs to the rein of a horse.

As I pulled myself away from the crowd..
Back home from that satiating ambience..
I washed my face and looked in mirror..
And it was as clear as my conscience.

But that night everyone dreamt of a sight..
With a shadow fading away in the mist..
And the greatest trick devil ever pulled..
Was to convince that he didn’t exist.